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contains rinshi, nalu, mamoterushuu, and other obscure pairings and shows nobody cares about.

beautiful, naked bones.


uh sometimes I half fill out otp memes at work to keep myself from zoning out… currently most of the time I use Aoki/Ryota b/c their dynamic is funny to think abt, so  posting some snippets from like.. three different ones b/c it’s been awhile since I’ve put hc stuff here kinda

as always, none of this is set in stone, per changes/further discussion by eszti/nicole .. just the result of me derping around in my free time lmao

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last night I had a dream about Ryota and Aoki going somewhere and Ryota makes an offhand comment about the fact of them both being of demonic origin and wondering if they really belong there (I imagine with something religious related, since Aoki would have more influence of that vs him … so probably her showing him something?? idfk it was a dream but I haven’t thought it through) 

and Aoki just rolls her eyes and teases him a little (because what they are isn’t not obvious to anyone but themselves/other specific ppl??)

so after a second she kinda snorts to herself and proceeds to quote frozen by saying ‘Oh right, well… conceal. don’t feel. don’t let them knoww”

and everyone else is staring at them b/c Aoki was a little louder than intended, and Ryota is just dumbfounded, like what ??????

and Aoki switches topics b/c she kinda expected him to laugh

”??? it’s from frozen?? the movie we watched together like 2 weeks ago” and Ryota is just inwardly like uh (long pause, because knowing him, he probably zoned out during the whole thing) and then OH

and Aoki is smiling like ‘oh good he does remember’

'Was that the thing with the talking snowman?'

and she just huffy pouts because she liked the movie and all he remembers is fucking Olaf


okay but let’s talk about just how many ways it could go.

bucky goes back to steve, and when he sees him, things fall into place, even if he has no idea what those things are supposed to be beforehand. steve’s presence is just bringing it all back to the surface, long-since buried, frozen things, by the sheer fact that steve remembers, even when nobody else does.

steve finds bucky, and persists enough, in his stupidly stubborn way, to bring things back.

bucky goes back to steve, and he still has a mission, but steve holds his ground, and gradually, bucky allows his fingers to slacken on all the weapons for reasons unknown to him, and slowly, excruciatingly, he tries his best to put himself back together. he may not succeed yet, but steve doesn’t hold anything against him.

steve finds bucky, and he doesn’t do it perfectly, and things are set off, but eventually, the winter soldier is tamed, subdued, faded, a lost cause, lost determination. the pieces slowly gather, and bucky pushes the soldier out of the picture, possibly.

bucky goes back to steve, and he still has a mission, and steve is caught unawares, not in the best position to fight, and he flees. bucky finds him again. or he doesn’t, and things just fray from there.

bucky goes back to steve, or steve finds bucky, and the winter soldier is all bucky knows, and steve is too much of a fool to at least fight him properly. mission accomplished.

all of the above in five different variations and ten more times.

then bucky wakes up to another bleary morning in an abandoned storehouse somewhere in the tyrolean alps, and steve has no idea where to find him, and bucky is unsure whether it’s okay like that or not, because half of these dreams make him feel glad to be on his own, without the possibility to harm this man that somehow, despite not remembering him, means so much that the other half of his dreams make him want to claw a hole in the wall with the desperate need to see him just one more time, because, for whatever reason, he means more than his own self.


nnng not back fully yet but I’ve been trying to wittle down my to-draw list in the meantime … only to start up new things o well

so basically atm I have wip ‘what’s in your bag’ pictures for the kids .. I have Junou/Aoki basic sketches down and I’ll try to move to Senkou after work and then maybe Nori and Ryota 

I was inspired mostly by yummytomatoes, which is why the composition is similar (and I guess Kato too indirectly b/c I totally forgot she does s/t similar to these on the back of each volume cover for the different charas lmao )

any input on other items to include at this stage streganicha?? I couldn’t log in to my hc blog acct this morning so bloop, posts draws under cut

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aaaaa i love all of it ;u; i’m thinking junou would have a small expandable telescope he likes carrying around lmfao (and then he’s probably called a nerd for it by shinichi but he doesn’t caree)

everything else’s literally perfect c:









The best are the shirts with sayings:


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okay but also consider this:

evening time all-family cuddling in mom and dad’s big bed

idk this is an idea i always return to whenever i need something really cozy to daydream about

one day i’ll write this out as a decent hc but for now i’m about to pass out

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okay i haven’t updated this thing in a while and i’m trying to make myself feel better + i miss becca a lot so here goes a bunch of random rinshi rambling

what if it became a habit for them to go to that seaside each summer when rin gets time off. (this might or might not be inspired by my childhood summers by the lakeside; i imagine most things feel good and magical in the okumura household compared to what mine used to be like but anyway it always feels good to change the scenery a bit.) and junou would love the water, and sometimes they could even convince aoki to go in till the water is ankle high. (we did have a hc that she’s hydrophobic, didn’t we? am i being an idiot and mixing stuff up?)

rin teaches junou to swim and the girls laugh at them from the beach, and aoki decides to be a little devil and when shiemi asks her to spread lotion on her she tickles her instead, and shi runs till she’s in the water, and now the boys are laughing, and aoki’s face is burning because mom you’re embarrassing, and she’s secretly afraid that shiemi will splash her in retaliation, but then of course she doesn’t.

the entire family going camping around the time when senkou is twelve. rin takes them to that mountainside he and shiemi once climbed, with shiemi’s ankle hurt and rin carrying her on his back. it’s a lot slower with a 12-year-old human boy though, and he tires before they reach the top, so it’s him rin carries this time around, and the elder two don’t really understand what exactly their mother is smiling about, but they don’t question it.

and then the sun sets and they make a campfire in the side of the mountain, from where they can see the vast forests below, and a myriad of stars above, and rin drapes his jacket around shiemi’s shoulders and throws handfuls of blue flame into the fire, and tells stories of games he used to play with yukio, and trouble they got into, and of his father and the priests, journeys they’ve had and places he’s seen

junou tells them things about the stars and how they line up; he lets senkou sit on his lap and shows him all the constellations, and tells their stories from various mythology, and aoki leans on her big brother’s shoulder and falls asleep, and the parents just watch them from the other side of the dying fire and they’re very, very content in the moment.

rin thinks baby-talk is really odd. it’s something he probably learnt from the reverend, because shirou never really cooed to them either. he feels almost actual secondhand embarrassment when shiemi talks to baby junou the way mothers talk to their children, and he’s actually so flustered about it that he seldom actually talks to junou when other people are around. thankfully, he can speak in the demon language softly enough so that nobody but another demon could hear him, and so he can calm junou when he needs to without anyone else noticing he’s saying anything to him. shiemi finds it increasingly amusing when she finds her husband in the oddest times and places (on his stomach on the couch with junou in front of him, or cooking while junou is in the feeding chair), holding an entirely serious (though one-sided) conversation with their son, talking to him as if junou was his age.

he does take care to minimize the swearing in front of him, though.


the start of a wip thing from last night before I go to work, so yeah there are mistakes

wanted to draw for the first time in 2/3 weeks, but didn’t wanna draw rinshi/pairing stuff

so what do I draw, s/t rinshi-esque


but ehhh sorry I haven’t really been posting much but assorted re-reblogs and I think the last thing of “note” was the GoT au thing but not really. I’ve been feeling really ????? lately and my inspiration is very sporadic

thank you for still keeping up w/ me though!!

he falls in love with her the way a shooting star kisses the ground. quickly, efficiently, with a bang. he didn’t think she would end up where he ended up, she seemed much too gentle of a person, but here she is, bearing the eyes of a murderer, her palms dirty with the soil she just patted down on the grave of the child she was burying until he calls out. let’s go back, he says kindly, and she talks about an empty future with their heads full of the voices of the dying, their blood on their hands. i do not want anyone else like you to exist ever again, she tells him, and it is the kindest way he has ever been told that he is a monster. he will only realize the fact in hindsight, years later, when she will be constantly watching his back, when the thought of her not only looking out for him but also watching his step to take him down if he happens to falter brings not horror but relief — but this is when he falls, head over heels, no take-backs, not before and not after, but exactly when she stares at him with that odd, burning look in her eyes, and asks him to burn her, to set her free of her father’s burden, and at that moment, he knows that as long as this woman asks, he would not teach flame alchemy to anyone else, because she has burnt herself underneath his skin, and for a woman strong enough to stand up after what they’ve just witnessed and committed, ready to bear more burdens for his sake if he just rid her of this one, he would do so much more — he’d bring the moon and the stars for her, as long as she continues to be the sun that fuels his flames.


okay I think Ryota definately does the kneading-esque thing (and, it’s not exactly like a cat would?? more like gentle caressing, I guess ) when he’s not entirely awake/falling into deep sleep

I imagine the first time they sleep beside each other and it happens, Aoki thinks he’s actually messing around/ trying to cop a feel or s/t and she nudges him to the point that he wakes up and he has no earthly idea what she’s talking about lmfao

but then when he’s fully awake he realizes wtf he was doing and just goes .____________. b/c why is he cursed with all of this demon catlike shit

so the next night he purposely positions himself further away from her lmao but Aoki gravitates toward him and he keeps inching away and finally she just realizes what his deal is and ofc he’d brood over something dumb like that … so she just rolls her eyes and pinches his cheek, like ‘just go to sleep ‘

eventually nobody cares

the end

and i’m laughing this is unrelated

but after the whole tail touching talk, I can only imagine the first time Ryota tries to touch Aoki’s tail in the manner she likes? in his personal experience it doesn’t feel enjoyable at all so he actually has no idea /how/ and because of this, his touches end up being a little too rough (like, not rough as in pain but just not in the gentle manner that Shiemi started within the Okumura family) and Aoki is just like aUGH goD and he drops her tail SO FAST

it doesn’t come up again until he asks her to literally show him how lmfao and even though he’s embarassed for fucking up the first time, he cares about her and knows it’s something she likes so it’s like … sucking all of that ‘wow I’m stupid’ feeling up so he can learn how to please her properly …? in a non sexual sense lmfao but I imagine that is the sort of guy he’s like overall, even if it takes him a bit to work up to whatever it is. He doesn’t like not knowing the ins and outs of things, especially if he feels like it’s something he /should/ know